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The School is open:
Monday - Friday: 8:30am to 8:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: Contact the School for special hours

Most students study in private classes with a tutor. Small group classes are sometimes available.

Each private class student or small group follow the study plan for different skills which was decided on during their personal assessment before starting classes.

Study plans can change at the student's request.

Study plans can include reading or studying documents from the student's job or college courses.

Classes are divided into listening, speaking, and writing, and reading sections.

All books and materials are provided: Students are not required to purchase books, but books used in class can be purchased at the School for home study.

Homework is provided for students on the school´┐Żs internet classroom website.

Students find these advantages in private tutor classes:

  • Personal class schedule that fits their work schedule
  • Flexible schedule that can be changed easily
  • Class material to meet their personal needs

Carrigan School

Carrigan School

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