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If you live in the Washington area, enroll through this website, or contact the School to come in and enroll in person.

Please contact the School to set up an appointment for your first visit to learn about the School and discuss your situation.

If you live outside Washington, or outside the U.S., you may contact the School before arriving in Washington to enroll in advance or to arrange a date for an interview.

Anyone interested in classes can take a demonstration lesson before deciding to enroll.

Private tutoring classes can begin within one week of enrollment.

Small classes generally begin every month.

Carrigan School


Use this form to contact the School. Please enter whatever information you wish.
Write in any personal request or questions at the bottom.
E-mail the form from the website, or print it out and mail it to:

John Carrigan
Apt. 204
8560 Freyman Drive
Chevy Chase, Md, 20815

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