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What Students Learn


Students learn and practice all the skills necessary to communicate clearly in English.

Understanding English that they hear:

  • Understanding the differences between spoken and written English
  • Hearing the spoken syllables as they differ from the written syllables
  • Understanding the systematic changes that convert the written language into the spoken language

Speaking English Correctly:

  • Using correct pronunciation and accents
  • Using correct grammar
  • Learning how to express their ideas clearly and correctly
  • Practicing in expressing ideas correctly and fully
  • Practice in public speaking and making presentations

Writing Correct English

  • Writing simple clear sentences
  • Explaining ideas fully and in a logical order
  • Writing e-mails that are clear and polite
  • Preparing Power Point presentations

Increasing Vocabulary

  • Increasing vocabulary through careful reading in areas of interest
  • Identifying the meaning of new words through their origin and word families
  • Learning methods to understand the meanings of two-word verbs, prepositions and other combinations of words
  • Practicing intelligent reading in context

Carrigan School

Government, History, and Politics

The students can study:

  • The complete systems of the federal and state governments, and how they work together
  • The politics that affects the government
  • The historical background of the American government
  • The areas of government that are most important to their work
  • How laws and regulations are made

The students can also join groups visiting federal and state government offices and the courts.

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