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Carrigan School Teachers

The Students

The students come to the School from many different areas:

  • Companies that send business people to Washington for periods of several months to several years to operate offices and follow American business and government activities

  • Foreign government agencies and foreign embassies that send people to study the U.S. forms of government regulations and diplomatic matters

  • Non-profit groups, medical researchers, and universities who send persons to study various areas of American activities

  • Companies that send their employees to study at the universities in the Washington area

  • Family members, spouses and children of persons assigned to Washington

Carrigan School TeachersCarrigan School Teachers

The Teachers

The School has a staff of skilled and professional teachers:

  • Teachers have been selected who have strong academic records overall and strong English language skills

  • Teachers' backgrounds include experience with languages other than English

  • Teachers are trained in the teaching methods and materials of the School

  • Teachers continue to study and learn how to improve their teaching skills

Carrigan School CalssCarrigan School Calss

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