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Tuition Information

Students learn and practice all the skills necessary to communicate clearly in English:

  • Study English on a flexible schedule that fits in with your work and personal life
  • Work on the exact subjects that you want to learn about
  • Work at your own speed
  • Change the time of class and weekly class days and class length as your work schedule changes

Registration: No registration fee is required.

Textbooks: It is not necessary to purchase textbooks. All textbooks are provided free by the school. Students may purchase textbooks at a discount price. The school provides listening materials and TOEIC study materials over the Internet.

Private Lesson Tuition Rate and Package Plan Rates:
Hourly Rate
Tuition per hour
20 hour package
50 hour package
100 hour package

Small Group Class Fees:
-- 2 student class: $21(per hour/per student)
-- 3 student class: $19(per hour/per student)
-- 4 student class: $17(per hour/per student)

Class Cancellation Policy:
There is no charge if it is necessary to cancel a class, even to cancel a class on the day of the class.

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